We are using the ALM learning model in this class. The ALM learning model is divided into five catagories. I had to do a presentation on the 3rd one Enrichment. Automonous Learner Model Enrichment

Some mornings The district wide exploratory teacher Mr. Oyler comes in and has a meeting with us. One of our subjects was perfectionism. I think that I am a perfectionist in some places, but not all. I definitely feel there are some places where I would have to control it. Another topic was was stress. The way we learned to control stress better was to do better time managment. I found using my planner and texting myself are great ways to stay organized. The other topic we’ve done so far was how we learn best. I found I learn best when I know why something is the way it is. I suggest to any teacher that is reading this to incorporate this into their lessons.


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