In one of our units we learned about how geology affects life on Earth. First we learned about what plate boundaries were. There is convergent, divergent, and transform plates. Here is a sample test question about them. A divergent plate boundary is found in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Convergent boundaries are found along the edge of the Pacific Plate.

1. What is happening to the size of the Atlantic Ocean compared to the size of the Pacific Ocean?

2. Explain, using the concept of plate tectonics, why the oceans are changing in size.

We also learned how geologic events changed life on Earth. Here is another sample question of that. Student Directions: Many major geological events have had an impact on life on earth. Choose 1 major event, describe 1 underlying cause of the event, and give 1 example of how life on earth was altered by the event. Your response will be evaluated using the following Scoring Guide.

The other things we learned about were fossils. We learned about how index fossils can define how old layers/ fossils are.


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